We are RIKET.

We play dödsmetall.

RIKET (Swedish for The Kingdom) was founded in 2016 by Tobias and Johan who decided that it was time to write and perform somewhat simplistic and crude death metal. Both musicians work together in Swedish black/death act Netherbird, and in order to make RIKET something completely different it was decided to write all lyrics in Swedish - and thus the new band was formed.

The duo drafted long-time friend (and former Netherbird drummer) Adrian Erlandsson to write and perform the drums for the first EP entitled “Avarter” (Swedish for deviations, varieties, perversions) which was released in 2016. The first EP was recorded pretty much like a demo tape was done in the old days. Quick and dirty.

After the first release RIKET invited a number of friends to fill the lineup for live gigs. After some initial shifts the band is now a full unit with Jerry (Wormwood) on guitars and Stefan (Pray for Locust) on bass. Together they have done a fair share of underground gigs, including some festival slots, throughout Sweden. As a result the second release is the short live-EP "Motvalser - Live på Copperfields 2018-10-05".

RIKET is mainly a live act and hence the production of studio recordings has been quite slow, but in summer 2020 the EP “Ofärder” was released on ViciSolum Records and recieved a very good response and was actually featured on the Swedish morning news due to the lyrical theme of two of the songs detailing Swedish historical catastrophes.


Johan - Vocals
Tobias - Guitar
Jerry - Guitar
Stefan - Bass
Fredrik - Session drums